January 4, 2024

How Small Business Owners Can Use AI to Save Time and Spark Creativity

Tayler Cusick-Hollman | Founder (She/Her)

 How Small Business Owners Can Use AI to Save Time and Spark Creativity

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to speed things up (in the name of saving time) and generate fresh ideas to help keep you inspired—this work is incredibly draining as you know. And up until late 2022, our options for making things go faster or getting the wheels spinning were pretty same-old-same-old; then generative AI hit the scene and flipped everything on its head. Now small business owners have a ton of AI tool and resources to help—but it’s a little overwhelming to imagine what’s possible now and find the right AI tool for the job. So today, we wanted explore five compelling ways small business owners can use AI to their advantage, from things you might have already played around with to things you haven’t thought of.

AI chatbots to get your wheels spinning

AI chatbots aren’t just for customer service—they can also be really helpful brainstorming partners. Because when you use an AI chatbots (like ChatGPT or Google Bard), you can bounce ideas off an intelligent system, receive instant feedback, and even take your vague idea into one that is crystal clear. So think of these AI chatbots as virtual assistants that can help you overcome mental blocks (read: stop overthinking things) and explore new concepts in a conversational and approachable manner.

Pro-tip: Wondering how to write a good prompt? There are 4 things a good AI prompt includes: a clear role for the AI (for example, “you are a helpful marketing assistant”), a concise goal, information you want the chatbot to consider, instructions on what you want the AI to do with the information.

AI copywriters to get rid of blank canvas syndrome

Writer's block is a common challenge for many small business owners, especially when it comes to the volume of copy that needs to get written on the marketing side of things—you know, all those social media captions, blog posts, website pages, product descriptions, etc.? AI copywriting tools are a game-changer for pretty much every small business owner who hates writing (or needs to speed the process up) by generating initial drafts in seconds. So no more staring at a blank page with a blinking cursor—all you need is a rough idea of what you want to write about to get started.

Enji’s suite of small business marketing tools includes an AI copywriter! Start your free trial today to see how it can help you write marketing content fast. Plus, you only need to train it on your voice once.

AI notetakers to summarize meetings

Small business owners often (actually, more like always) juggle multiple responsibilities, including attending and leading meetings, webinars, or calls. And while sometimes you can manage to take decent notes, there are always times you can’t or maybe wish you had a magical way to double check you didn’t miss anything important. Well, AI notetaking tools like can alleviate the burden of manually taking notes by transcribing and summarizing key points from meetings. In fact, you know those group calls you want to make but can’t? Send an AI notetaker so you can at least get the cliff notes!

AI editors to turn big pieces of content into smaller ones

Creating long-form content is an important part of most small business marketing strategies, and you’ve probably been told a time or two that you should be repurposing it. Which is definitely the right thing to do…but also takes time. AI-powered editing tools like Munch or Choppity can simplify the process by breaking down your long-form content into smaller, more digestible, and shareable segments. Whether it's creating clips from a YouTube video to share on TikTok, creating a few captions from a longer blog article, or pulling out punchy quotes from your latest podcast episode, AI editors can help you repurpose large volumes of content into smaller ones you can distribute across other marketing channels—saving you tons of time and helping you keep up with a marketing best practice.

AI image generators to bring any idea to life

Visual content is a powerful tool for any small businesses and sometimes the hardest thing to get. But now we have AI image generators that can give you a creative edge by producing custom visuals, graphics, and designs. (Did you know Canva has one?!) From generating eye-catching social media assets to crafting unique brand elements, AI image generators make it easy for you to let your imagination run wild and get the visual assets you need to market your small business on the internet.

Incorporating AI into your small business can really save you time and spark your creativity! By embracing AI chatbots, copywriters, notetakers, editors, and image generators, entrepreneurs can unlock new levels of efficiency and inspiration. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, you are well-positioned to harness its potential—so buckle up and let’s enjoy the AI ride!

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