Marketing analytics that tell you what’s working
(and what’s not)

You can’t afford to spend time and money on your marketing and not know if it’s working—but you’re probably not tracking the numbers that would give you the answer. Maybe it’s because you’re scared of what they’ll say. Maybe it’s because spreadsheets are the worst. But may we remind you—you can’t afford to spend time and money on your marketing and not know if it’s working.

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Track marketing metrics so you can make decisions with your gut + the numbers

When your small business needs you to make the smartest decisions, you need to know where your marketing is working—and where it’s not. That’s why our marketing tools don’t just help you do your marketing, they help you evaluate it too with the easiest KPI dashboard around.

Know what’s working

When you know what part of your marketing is working, you can do more of that! It's that simple—but you have to track your KPIs.

Stop wasting resources

Time, money, resources, headspace—you can give yourself a permission slip to stop wasting on the parts of your marketing with no ROI.

Make smarter decisions

You can trust your gut, but making decisions based on data is how you trust you’ve made the right choice.

Two women holding phones in their hands while they market their small businesses.

Don’t just track your KPIs—understand them

Sure, you can track your key performance indicators in a spreadsheet, but if you’re not a whiz at formulas and equations, all those rows and columns just start to look like random numbers. Enji’s KPI dashboard makes it easy to organize your marketing metrics—and then we take care of turning all those numbers into charts and graphs that actually help you make sense (and decisions) with them.


Connect your accounts so Enji can automatically pull in your marketing metrics

If you’re thinking building a KPI dashboard sounds great, but how are you going to find the time—we’ve got you! Enji integrates with Google Analytics so your website KPIs will automatically populate, and we’re working on all the others you need too.

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Priced to fit your small business toolbox and budget.


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The best way to make marketing manageable.

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Marketing analytics made way less intimidating

And, dare we say—fun! Because the Enji community looks forward to KPI Day and we all celebrate it by logging in and tracking our KPIs for the month.

“From tracking my KPIs, to planning campaigns, to scheduling social media...I use Enji every single day.”
Website Designer
“I love that I can track all my marketing KPIs right in Enji's platform. If you're a data geek like me, this is a total game changer.”
Business Coach
“I actually enjoy keeping track of my metrics and can see all of my company's growth in one easy to view screen.”
Wedding Planner

Have all the confidence you need to make smart marketing decisions with Enji’s KPI dashboard

Just pick the KPIs you want to track, drop in your numbers every month, and the charts will show you what you need to double down on what’s working, cut what’s not, and make marketing your small business a well oiled machine.

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