Finally—marketing tools so easy  you’ll actually use them

Around here, it’s totally okay if you don’t know much about marketing. Enji was dreamed up, designed, and developed on the premise you need something  to do the heavy lifting for you. Because you deserve to build your small business on less WTF and more “Whoa—I can do this.”

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Marketing your small business is hard when you’re doing it across too many tabs

Tell us we’re wrong. You’ve got a list of marketing things you’d like to do in your project management system. There’s a note in your phone with ideas. You attempted to put together a plan in Google docs. Then you started tracking metrics in a spreadsheet somewhere—oh, and let’s not forget your social media scheduler and the AI tools you’re checking out. No wonder you can’t seem to get anything done.


Ditch the extra tabs and give your marketing a proper home so you can actually wrap your head around your marketing machine.

Quick start

Just want to create a marketing strategy? That takes 10 minutes. Want to fully move into your marketing’s new home? Block 2 hours and settle in.


You don’t need to be a marketing expert to use Enji. Our marketing tools tell you what to do with tips and templates along the way.

Two women holding phones in their hands while they market their small businesses.

Create a marketing strategy and get all the clarity

You can stop stressing over your marketing strategy because you’re just 10 minutes away from having one. Play a game of 20 questions with us and our marketing strategy tools will customize one to your goals—and map out the tasks you need to do in order to reach them. It might feel like marketing magic but the clarity you’ll have is very real.


Content created fast is key to consistent marketing

The biggest thing standing between you and consistent marketing is time—it’s the thing all small business owners are fighting. And while we love a from-scratch meal as much as anyone, your content is best whipped up with the push of a button. Using a social media scheduler with an AI copywriter is the easiest thing you can do to crank out content and get it scheduled ahead of time, so you can “set it and forget it”—for a week at least.

Merchandising at a kids' clothing store.
A male baker making bagels in a commercial kitchen.

Track and understand your marketing metrics

Knowing what to do is step 1. Being consistent is step 2. Step 3 is getting better at marketing over time—and your path to more efficient marketing is paved with KPIs. But instead of staring down a spreadsheet that starts to make less sense the more data you put into it, Enji’s KPI dashboard makes it easy to see where your marketing is working and where it’s not.

Simple pricing options

Priced to fit your small business toolbox and budget.


Affordable, flexible, and everything you need.

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The best way to make marketing manageable.

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Yes—you'll use these marketing tools

We know you're worried Enji will be just another subscription. But you don't have to take it from us. Small business owners really dig using our marketing tools.

“Enji is one of those marketing softwares that small businesses have been wishing for—and once they sign up—can't live without it.”
Business coach
“Enji is very straightforward to use. The UI is intuitive and I can easily add my data and content and get reminders to do tasks.”
“Enji is going to make marketing ‘one less thing’ for me to have to plan, and for that I am SO grateful!”

Growing your small business gets a helluva lot easier with the right marketing tools

That hacked together marketing system was a good college try but this isn’t the first time you’ve searched for a better way. Enji’s marketing tools are the easy-to-use solution you need to become Chief Marketing Officer of your own small business.

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