Organize all of your branding assets in one place.

easy-to-access, easy-to-share

From logo files and fonts—to your color palette and headshots—Enji easily organizes all of your creative assets in one single place.

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A male graphic designer working on a project to build a brand.

The home your creative assets deserve meets the simple system you’ve been waiting for.

Listen—you might not know your HEX codes by heart or what the difference between a .png and a .jpeg is, but you’ll be able to get the people who do exactly what they need. Enji’s digital asset management tools allow you to share everything from your media kit to your brand colors with one single link.

Stop searching

Branding files spread across your desktop, Dropbox, and Google Drive? Enji organizes it all in a simple online brand guide.

Send the right files

Quickly access and easily send the exact file format your designer or collaborator needs, the second they need it.

A consistent brand

Build a brand that’s recognizable by keeping your logo uses, fonts, and brand colors consistent across the board.

Shelves of merchandising at a coffee shop filled with branded bags of coffee.
Digital asset management

House your branding files under a single, smart-as-ever roof.

Easily upload all of your brand’s creative assets (think: logo files, fonts, images, and mood boards) to Enji’s asset library—and finally stop wasting time trying to remember on which platform or in what folder you stored things.

Style guides

Say goodbye to annoying attachments.

Enji organizes all of your branding files into a single style guide you can share with consultants who are helping you build your website, create marketing materials, or design packaging. The recipient can download everything they need from a single, stunning web page. 

Your creative partners—and your packed calendar—will thank you for skipping the long emails with giant attachments and multiple links. Brownie points!

Two women working on a project for their small businesses on their laptops and in a coffee shop.
A headshot of a male wedding planner for a media kit.
Media kits

Present yourself as the professional you are.

No more stalling or panicking when someone asks for your media kit. Simply upload headshots, bios, notes, and contact information—and Enji will organize it all into a streamlined media kit you can easily send to conference organizers, local media outlets, podcast hosts, or anyone else wanting to promote your brand or have you on as a guest.


Sound like you—and the best version.

You know your brand can be the difference between winning the business and not, but you’ve always struggled to get your copy to sound the way you want. Create your brand voice with Enji in minutes and let our AI copywriter pump out drafts that use your voice as a guide.

Two women working on a project for their small businesses on their laptops and in a coffee shop.

Built by people who are as tired of hunting for files as you are.

As serial small-business builders, we’ve hired tons of graphic designers and have pitched more media outlets than we can count. From specific logo files to professional media kits—they always ask for the same thing…and we always had to go searching for it. We finally got tired of playing the “Where in the world are my creative assets?” game (so much harder to find than Carmen Sandiego, by the way)—and built Enji to make it easy and quick to send the files people need, when they need it.

Simply upload your files—then sit back and watch as managing your brand becomes so much easier.

Enji’s digital asset management tools save you time, sanity, and the headache of constantly searching. Because rummaging through files and ransacking your desktop are no way to run a business.

Hat Wearers

Send off those files quickly so you can move onto the next thing (and then the next…and then the next). Enji lets you send off your brand style guide (complete with files the recipient can easily download)—or a professional media kit—in as close to one click as it can get.


“I didn’t get around to it” is no longer part of your daily vocabulary. Keep projects moving with the help of a digital asset manager in your backpocket. Enji keeps your branding files organized and easy to send off soyou can finally book that podcast interview. Mic drop.


Dare we say it? You finally outsourced something (moment of silence). You can rest easy knowing that what you’ll get back is on-brand and beautiful-as-ever because, thanks to Enji, you sent the right files right on time.

Simple pricing options

Priced to fit your routine, toolbox, and budget.


Affordable, flexible, and everything you need.

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The best way to make marketing manageable.

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Use all our tools (including an AI copywriter)
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An extra helping hand when you need it

Call it white-glove service, consulting, or hand-holding (because sometimes that's nice). You can book premium support packages when you need it. You'll get personalized support and feedback to get you squared away. The best part? You'll chat with our Founder, Tayler—who has been a small business marketing consultant for nearly a decade!

3-hour packages for $299
Use your time in 1 to 3 sessions
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Big love from small business

Getting positive feedback from bright minds who are making their communities better one sale or signature at a time is the best reward we can imagine.

“Enji reignited a level of motivation—and excitement—to market my business I haven’t felt in years.”
“It’s like having a marketing consultant in your pocket—Enji has all of the tools you need!”
Graphic Designer
“Enji has really improved our focus on marketing and helps us get it done!”
Shop Owner

Managing your branding assets like a creative director would (without a creative bone in your body)? Oh, it’s possible.

Enji makes marketing your business manageable—so you can spend less time spinning your wheels and more time sure as ever about your next step.

A small business owner in her retail shop working with a consultant on merchandising.

It’s time to make marketing make sense.

We built Enji because we believe small business owners deserve a fair shot at marketing—and we didn’t see anyone else giving it to them. If you desperately need a solution to help you market your business in a meaningful way—without inundating you with tasks you don’t have time for and jargon you don’t understand, Enji is for you.

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