Enji is built for big success—not big business.

Enji isn’t for companies with big bank rolls, big board rooms, big investors, and bigger marketing departments. Enji is for the brave, the willing, the daring, and the imaginative. Those who chased passion over profits. Those who ditched a 9-5 for a 24/7. Those who are supporting themselves and their families as they grind it out at a desk that also doubles as a kitchen table and a homework nook. 

We see you. We celebrate you. We’re for you. (And we won’t judge you for losing your profit-and-loss statement under a banana peel.)

A happy small business owner putting products in a bag for a customer.

We all need a helping hand.

Enji’s mission is to remove the fear, embarrassment, and stress from the marketing process and give people the tools and support they need to champion their own brand and marketing efforts in ways that will improve their businesses.

We’re small business owners ourselves (serial ones, if we’re being honest)—and our friend circle is full of small business owners. We spent years experiencing our own marketing worries and woes, listening to those of the people around us, and watching as the only “solutions” on the market came from big-name tech companies who were far removed from the realities of building a small business. We decided small business owners deserved better (way better)—so we listened hard, understood deeply, and got to work creating the kind of tools that fit your lifestyle and make sense for your small business. They’re the tools we’ve wanted for years. The tools our friends have been asking for. And the tools we know you’ll love.

A male baker looking out the window of his donut shop while he bakes.

The values that drive everything
we do

We’re hard-working folks who hold ourselves accountable and do our best to practice what we preach.


We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to build a successful small business.


We encourage people to feel motivated, capable, and realistic about their marketing goals—and we provide them the pathways to succeed.


We work to make things simple, inviting, and easy-to-use for those who don’t have marketing experience.

The ones who chased the wild idea

Some have called us restless, crazy, idealistic, perfectionists, way too busy, and “desperately in need of a day off and a hair wash”—but you can just call us the Enji leadership team.

Real solutions for real small businesses like yours

We believe in empowering small business owners with realistic solutions designed to deliver real-world results. Because complicated, convoluted, and riddled with confusing jargon aren’t your thing—and they aren’t ours either.

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