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Spend less time waging a war with words and more time on the things you dig doing

Enji’s AI copywriter helps you create a brand voice you feel confident about—and then generates the need-it-but-don’t-wanna-do-it content you’ve put on the backburner for way too long.

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A neverending English class

Whether you hate it, don’t think you’re good at it, or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it (or a thrilling cocktail of all three)—one thing is true: writing for your small business is the necessary evil you’re tired of battling with. If only someone could do the heavy (proverbial pencil) lifting you need to market your small business—so you could get back to the work that doesn’t give you flashbacks to Freshman year.

The good news? Enji’s AI copywriter is here to help (like, actually help).

Get it done

Generate the key pieces of content you need to market your small business—faster than you can say, “Wait, what’s a comma splice?”

Keep up

with content and your competition. Get the daunting task of writing off of your overburdened shoulders—and start to outpace others.


to this pivotal piece of your small business marketing strategy, without constantly second-guessing your efforts and stressing yourself out.

Two women holding phones in their hands while they market their small businesses.
Create a BRAND voice

Make sure your copy sounds like you—and the best you.

Enji’s brand voice generator helps you create a distinct voice that lets both your team—and our AI copywriter—know exactly how you should sound. Because getting copy fast is one thing. Getting copy that helps you stand out from the crowd is another.

ai copywriter

AI copywriting prompts that guide you to great content.

Prompt Enji’s smart, simplified AI copywriting tools with a topic, description, and a few details, and let it draft blog posts and social captions in your brand voice—that you can schedule to post using our social media scheduler! What used to take you hours will get done mind-blowingly fast.

Merchandising at a kids' clothing store.

Go from “burdened with a blinking cursor” to “bursting at the seams with on-brand content”

Whether you spend hours on a single blog post, fighting for every word—or go radio-silent for weeks on social media because you can’t stop second-guessing whether your caption is clever enough—the way you’ve been tackling writing isn’t working.

Enji’s AI copywriter generates drafts of all those daunting pieces in just 60 seconds—and all you have to do is polish and tweak. Hours versus seconds. Staring at a blank screen versus banging out blog post after blog post. Ignoring a key piece of your marketing strategy versus accumulating little wins that eventually turn into big ones.

We’re no fortune tellers—but we know which road leads to a better business future (and we bet you do, too).

Small business owners like you totally dig Enji's AI copywriting tools.

Content consistency, here you come!


Go from seeing that “write a blog” or “post on social” task on your Enji marketing calendar—to generating the blog post or social caption you need—all within one simple, streamlined platform.


Enji’s AI copywriter generates blog posts and social captions in your distinct brand voice—and allows you to easily adjust the tone as needed for your different customer personas. So yes—you can let go of this one.

Hat Wearers

AI as a play thing where you mess around with happy-birthday haikus? Not here. Enji’s AI copywriter is designed for people with real marketing goals, real content needs, and real time constraints.

Simple pricing options

Priced to fit your routine, toolbox, and budget.


Affordable, flexible, and everything you need.

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The best way to make marketing manageable.

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An extra helping hand when you need it

Call it white-glove service, consulting, or hand-holding (because sometimes that's nice). You can book premium support packages when you need it. You'll get personalized support and feedback to get you squared away. The best part? You'll chat with our Founder, Tayler—who has been a small business marketing consultant for nearly a decade!

3-hour packages for $299
Use your time in 1 to 3 sessions
Limited availability

Big love from small business

Getting positive feedback from bright minds who are making their communities better one sale or signature at a time is the best reward we can imagine.

“Enji reignited a level of motivation—and excitement—to market my business I haven’t felt in years.”
“It’s like having a marketing consultant in your pocket—Enji has all of the tools you need!”
Graphic Designer
“Enji has really improved our focus on marketing and helps us get it done!”
Shop Owner

Crush your marketing content with confidence.

If the thought of clicking that “publish” button is enough to make you break out in hives, if you would rather run a marathon right after Mexican and margs than have to write a single blog post, if you’re certain coming up with an Instagram caption qualifies as cruel-and-unusual punishment—Enji’s AI copywriter can help.

A male bike mechanic standing outside of his small business bike shop holding a bike.

It’s time to make marketing make sense.

We built Enji because we believe small business owners deserve a fair shot at marketing—and we didn’t see anyone else giving it to them. If you desperately need a solution to help you market your business in a meaningful way—without inundating you with tasks you don’t have time for and jargon you don’t understand, Enji is for you.

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