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with time-saving campaign and task management tools.

Unwelcome surprises? Show ‘em the door. See marketing tasks coming from a mile away and have a plan in place to make your campaigns a wild success with Enji’s task management tools.

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Sticky notes and spreadsheets are no match for goals like yours.

When you’re aiming for meaningful growth, tracking your marketing tasks on a random piece of paper, in an ancient spreadsheet, or using generic project management software won’t get the job done. Enji’s approachable campaign tools make it easy to quickly make a plan for that important sale, launch, or push—and they’ll act as the nudge you need to see it all through.


So much more than just a list of tasks, Enji outlines all of the important details of your campaign in one place.


Add collaborators to your account, assign tasks to responsible parties, and set notifications to keep everyone on-track.


Give campaigns a grade so you can celebratewhat worked, see what didn’t, and refine future efforts for serious success.

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Marketing and content calendar

Organize your everyday marketing to-dos.

Money doesn’t grow on…well, you get the gist. You have to do the work to reap the rewards, and that’s so much easier when you have an accountability buddy by your side—preferably in the form of a super-smart marketing calendar that helps you build habits, see deadlines from a mile away, and allows you to assign tasks to collaborators. (Oh hey, that’s Enji!)

Marketing campaigns

Plan purposeful sales, promotions & pushes.

Whether you’re launching a new product, building momentum before Black Friday, or cross-promoting with a partner—Enji’s marketing campaign planner lets you set your goals and deadlines, outline your marketing messages, and assign every last related task to see your campaign through the finish line. No more “Oh sh*t—the sale is supposed to happen tomorrow” moments.

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Task management

Know you're working towards your goals.

Stop wondering whether you're doing the "right" things and start knowing that you are! Enji's marketing task management tools keep your goals front and center—making it easy to feel really good about the time and money you spend on marketing. Plus, you can reinforce all those good decisions with the numbers to back it up with our KPI tools.

We're in the thick of it too.

We built our task management tools based on our experience as small business owners who, just like you, are responsible for keeping all the balls in the air. We’re a team wearing all the hats, doing all the work, and burning all the midnight oil. We get it because we live it: when you’re building a business that supports your lifestyle, feeds your family, and acts as the foundation for that dream future of yours, you can’t afford to let things slip through the cracks.

Running a campaign should sound less like a chore and more like “cha-ching.”

With Enji’s task management tools and marketing calendar on your side, you can say goodbye to overwhelm and oh hello! to a manageable system for launching, promoting, and selling.

Hat Wearers

You’re still just one person…but now you’re the person everyone asks, “How do you get it all done?” Enji’s task management tools make it easy to get organized, stay on top of your marketing calendar, and follow through on tasks. And those, friend, are the key ingredients for productivity through the roof.


Be held accountable for the tasks that have a major impact on your bottom line (but in less of a “that scary boss” way and more of a “the business best friend who has your back” way). With Enji’s task management tools, gentle notifications sent at intervals you choose keep you from missing important deadlines.


Have a central command system to delegate—with a level of oversight that will make your type-A heart happy. Enji’s task management tools help you keep all the balls in the air when you enlist help by allowing you to easily add your team to your account and quickly assign tasks.

Simple pricing options

Priced to fit your routine, toolbox, and budget.


Affordable, flexible, and everything you need.

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The best way to make marketing manageable.

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An extra helping hand when you need it

Call it white-glove service, consulting, or hand-holding (because sometimes that's nice). You can book premium support packages when you need it. You'll get personalized support and feedback to get you squared away. The best part? You'll chat with our Founder, Tayler—who has been a small business marketing consultant for nearly a decade!

3-hour packages for $299
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Big love from small business

Getting positive feedback from bright minds who are making their communities better one sale or signature at a time is the best reward we can imagine.

“Enji reignited a level of motivation—and excitement—to market my business I haven’t felt in years.”
“It’s like having a marketing consultant in your pocket—Enji has all of the tools you need!”
Graphic Designer
“Enji has really improved our focus on marketing and helps us get it done!”
Shop Owner

Task management tools you can actually rely on and results you’ll love? Yeah, you deserve that.

Enji makes marketing your business manageable—so you can spend less time spinning your wheels and more time sure as ever about your next step.

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It’s time to make marketing make sense.

We built Enji because we believe small business owners deserve a fair shot at marketing—and we didn’t see anyone else giving it to them. If you desperately need a solution to help you market your business in a meaningful way—without inundating you with tasks you don’t have time for and jargon you don’t understand, Enji is for you.

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