Marketing project management software that helps you win your fight against time

Marketing is one of the many hats you wear as a small business owner, but it isn’t really your style. Because you didn’t go school for marketing—hell, you didn’t even go to school for business (#historydegree). But you’ve been letting that get in the way of you doing what you need to grow your small business. Enji is here to tell you what to do so you can.

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A wedding planner working on her marketing strategy at her laptop. Photo credit Bloom and Flourish Studio

The key to marketing consistency is a routine

When you’re fighting time (and all the things that take it from you), of course it’s hard to fit your marketing in. But the truth is you’re doing it backwards if you’re trying to make marketing fit into your already over-scheduled day. Around here, we know consistent marketing starts with consistent doing of the marketing—so our marketing management software helps you block the time and protect it.

A realistic routine

Use the recurring tasks in our marketing calendar to build your routine and the muscle you need to do your marketing on a regular basis.

A focused to-do list

Trying to do all of the things in all of the places is exhausting. Enji gives you a focused list of tasks for you to do and get done so you can move on.

All in one place

When you don’t have time to waste, working across tabs doesn’t help you move fast. All the marketing tools you need are right here in Enji.

Two women holding phones in their hands while they market their small businesses.

Build your routine in a dedicated marketing calendar

Yes—it’s another calendar, but it’s so much more than that. Enji’s marketing calendar is the thing  that will help you build your marketing muscle with recurring tasks to keep you on pace and an uncluttered space that helps you focus.


Crank out content with an AI copywriter—cuz now there’s no excuse

Writing has always been the thing standing between you and consistent marketing because everything seems to need it nowadays and it just takes you way too long. Enji’s AI copywriter is a game-changer for when you do your own marketing because blogs posts and social media captions are drafted in no time.

Merchandising at a kids' clothing store.
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You’re struggling to be consistent because you’re not using a social media scheduler

When you’re planning content on the spot and trying to get it posted that same day, it’s almost impossible to be consistent with your marketing (remember, we’re fighting time and all the things that take it). Enji will help you create a routine of planning your content in advance and getting it scheduled so you can keep showing up on social media even when your day has gone sideways.

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Priced to fit your small business toolbox and budget.


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The best way to make marketing manageable.

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Having consistent marketing is important

And that's exactly what we're helping small business owners do. Because when you're using the right tools, keeping up with marketing is way less of a chore.

“Marketing is something we know we need to do but struggle with. Enji lays it out in a way that walks us through it all and keeps us on track.”
“Enji has been so useful for me in my business. It provides a roadmap for my marketing efforts and holds me accountable by scheduling it.”
Stationery Designer
“As someone that has always struggled with marketing this is a GAMECHANGER! It has the best ideas and scheduler compared to any other program I have used."
Wedding Planner

Is it a magic wand or is it marketing project management software?

Either way, the end result is the same. Because when you have the tools you need to do your marketing (and do it fast), the consistency you’re craving is totally within reach.

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