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Affordable, flexible, and everything you need.

$29 /mo
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Use all our tools
Cancel anytime—no hassle
In-app access to support
Monthly group coaching with our Founder


The best way to make marketing manageable.

$289 /yr
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Save $59 a year (get 2+ months free)
Use all our tools
In-app access to support
Monthly group coaching with our Founder

An extra helping hand when you need it

Call it white-glove service, consulting, or hand-holding (because sometimes that's nice). You can book premium support packages when you need it. You'll get personalized support and feedback to get squared away. The best part? You'll chat with our Founder, Tayler—who has been a small business marketing consultant for nearly a decade!

3-hour packages for $299
Use your time in 1 to 3 sessions
Limited availability
marketing made manageable

Core features included in both our pricing plans.

Marketing Strategy & Calendar

Create your marketing strategy in just a few clicks and get your to-do's.

Social Media Scheduler

Connect your accounts and schedule content to auto-post.

AI Copywriter

Get drafts of blog posts and social captions done faster than ever.

Marketing Campaigns

Quickly outline your plan to see a spike in your sales.

Brand Asset Library

All your brand's things in one easy-to-share space.

KPI Dashboard

The easiest way to track your marketing metrics and understand them.

Frequently asked questions.

We've covered a lot, but it's hard to cover it all. Here's more information—because it's cool to have questions.

Do I save money if I pick an annual plan?

You sure do! When you subscribe to our annual plan, you save $59—which is like getting more than 2 months free when compared to subscribing for 12 months billed monthly.

Why would I pay for premium support?

Everyone gets free email access to support, but we know some people like and want white-glove support. When you add premium support to your subscription, you get 3 hours of time with Tayler (one of our Founders), who is both an Enji expert and a marketing consultant. So even though you can confidently create a marketing strategy with Enji on your own, if you want that "extra set of eyes" or someone to bounce ideas off of, premium support is for you!

Can I work with my own marketing consultant in Enji?

Absolutely! One of our Founders is a marketing consultant, so we've built Enji to be a place you can collaborate with yours. You can add them to your organization (giving them the level of access you want) and work with them to document your marketing strategy, tasks, and campaigns.

What features are you working on next?

That's really up to you! We have ideas of what tools and features we'd like to build, but knowing what you want and need is best! Have ideas, thoughts, or suggestions? Send 'em our way through our contact form.

Can I contact an actual human at Enji?

Of course! You might interact with a robot for a second at first, but we're not trying to hide from you. Get in touch with us through our customer service portal (the one you see in the lower right hand of your screen) or simply hit us up on the contact page.

Big love from small business

Getting positive feedback from bright minds who are making their communities better one sale or signature at a time is the best reward we can imagine.

“Enji reignited a level of motivation—and excitement—to market my business I haven’t felt in years.”
“It’s like having a marketing consultant in your pocket—Enji has all of the tools you need!”
Graphic Designer
“Enji has really improved our focus on marketing and helps us get it done!”
Shop Owner

Enji has all the smarts (hey, just like you).

Enji is the marketing solution you’ve been searching for—and the one Google hasn’t given you. Tackle your marketing tasks with confidence and grow your small business soundly with Enji.

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