You’re doing everything you can—except not really .

You’re hustling and grinding, brainstorming and burning the midnight oil, answering emails and scheduling calls. But if you’re not marketing—you’re not actually doing everything you can to build your small business. Let’s change that, shall we? 

Not being a "marketer" shouldn't stop you.

And we all know you work too hard for this to not work. (Way. Too. Hard.

Maybe you show up inconsistently and without a clear plan (because “just winging it” feels like the only thing you have time for). Maybe you don’t show up at all (because whoa, putting yourself out there is scary). But either way, you know you can do better.

Yup—you can create a marketing strategy in minutes!

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a degree in marketing. And, no, this won’t be another painful project. All you need to do is play a game of 20 questions with Enji, and you’ll get a marketing strategy that is customized to your business in less time than you’d wait for your latte on a busy day at your favorite coffee shop.

Create yours

Market your small business in the ways that are best for you.

Stop trying to reverse engineer your competition's marketing strategy. That approach won't work—and you don’t have time for that anyways.

Marketing Strategy

A simple (and visual) plan that outlines your goals, ideal customers, and main marketing channels—and is customized to your business.

Marketing Calendar

A dedicated place for your marketing to-do’s. Why? Because burying them in your Google calendar isn’t going so well for you anyways.

Marketing Campaigns

Quickly plan your sales, promotions, and pushes—and know they are in line with your overall marketing strategy.

KPIs (read: marketing metrics)

Numbers tell the truth about what’s working and what’s not. At least we make ‘em pretty while they are dropping truth bombs on you.

Coming Soon: AI Copywriting

Having a clear strategy is step 1. Step 2? That's the hurdle of doing your marketing tasks—and our AI copy tool will get you (fantastic) first drafts fast.

Big love from small businesses

Getting positive feedback from bright minds who are making their communities better one sale or signature at a time is the best reward we can imagine.

"It’s exactly what I need to stay motivated and on top of things as it’s so hard doing that right now.”– Wendy
“Enji reignited a level of motivation—and excitement—to market my business I haven’t felt in years.” – Gillian
“It’s like having a marketing consultant in your pocket!” - Cassie
“Enji has really improved our focus on marketing and helps us get it done!” - Katherine

Take charge of growing your small business into a not-so-small one

Way more effective than the mish-mosh of docs and sheets you're using

Whether you've never created a marketing strategy for your small business or you did but parts of it live in 5 different docs, we think you're going to love seeing a clear and customized marketing plan all in one place—and we think you'll love getting recommended marketing tasks even more!

That definitely sounds cool

"Is my marketing even working?"

Said every small business owner. But as much as you'd like to trust your gut, you know it doesn't always have the answer. Enji makes it easy to track the numbers that help you understand the impact of your marketing, so you can make your strategy better over time.

Okay, let's do this

If you’re ready for marketing tools rooted in the reality of your day-to-day life as a small business owner—Enji is for you. 

Because when your heart, your hard work, and your marketing efforts are in the right place—your small business can finally thrive.